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Road    Seatposts

PRO Vibe 7S Seatpost DI2


The engineers at PRO took a page from the Ritchey playbook and came out with a sideways, one-bolt clamping mechanism that adjusts fore aft and leveling all in one fell swoop. The design makes too much sense and it is a clear favorite for both our staff and shop. The days of agonizing over installing and adjusting your saddle are over. Beyond the brilliant clamp, the post is lightweight and durable. The shaft is made of heat treated and anodized 7075 alloy, which is all one piece. The top of the shaft is forged to offer 20mm of setback. The clamp itself is polished alloy with a steel fixing bolt.

This classic PRO product has all the features we have come to enjoy in the Vibe line up. Simple design, sturdy, light and in the 7S alloy version it is chock full of value. We offer this seatpost in 27.2mm or 31.6mm diameters, both available in 280mm or 350mm lengths.


  • Simple and durable one bolt clamp
  • 7075 heat treated alloy construction
  • Choose your diameter and length
  • 268 grams
Reg Price $99.00
Item #: 245151