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PRO Vibe Mark Cavendish Stem


One glance at the Cavendish Edition of the Vibe Sprint stem and you would not think it is a stretch when we state that it is the stiffest stem ever created. The Cav and PRO engineers worked together to produce the ultimate in a flex-free, point and shoot stem. Designed for going elbow to elbow in tight quarters dominated by riders with overflowing testosterone.

Surprisingly enough, the stem has a very damp ride quality which proves that over the top stiffness doesn't have to be uncomfortable. For added durability, an alloy face plate to compliments the complete UD Carbon body. White stripe graphics are placed on the top and sides of the stem for some added flair. The designers wisely chose to shrink down the Cav signature logo and place it towards the rear of the non-driveside portion of the stem. While we are all impressed with Manx Missile's exploits, we do not necessarily need his name and caricature plastered all over our bike components.

Super stiff and super durable this product is a sprinter or larger riders dream. It adds both stability and confidence to you and your trusty steed. The Vibe Sprint Cav Edition stem is available in 3 lengths with a -10/80° rise. 31.8mm clamp diameter only.


  • Super stiff and durable
  • UD Carbon construction with alloy face plate
  • Proprietary top cap included
  • Choose from 3 lengths
  • 206 grams
Reg Price $249.00
Item #: 325045


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 Anonymous : 

it is just amazing. I could really feel the stiffness!!