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Fizik Vitesse HP Saddle

The design of women's saddles has moved towards specificity of shapes, features and sizes; just the way unisex saddle design has evolved. Those designs came about as the cycling industry started truly paying attention to the specific needs of more cyclists. This has had a significant impact on cyclists overall- a very good result. However, more classic designs still exist, and for good reason. These work for many people too! The Fizik Vitesse HP is one such model. A sleek, low profile saddle that offers a reasonable tail width, but a narrowed, more traditional front section, the Vitesse has a wonderful blend of support, padding, and flex to suit many a rider.

Fizik utilizes its Wing-Flex design in the Vitesse HP. The forward edge of the tail platform has narrow cutaway channels built into the Carbon Reinforced Nylon Shell, allowing an otherwise stiff material to flex and give with leg movement throughout the pedal stroke. This flex also supports and enervates the cyclist by allowing the muscles of the upper leg and glutes to move freely but remain in contact throughout the pedal stroke. There is little risk of bounce and the resulting stroke is smooth throughout. With a 270mm overall length, the Vitesse HP also allows the rider to pull forward for those times when you want a little more leverage over the pedals. The saddle allows the rider to dictate position, and not restrict to a single placement. For aggressive cyclists- racing or not- this is often a crucial necessity. Excel Sports has carried several versions of the Vitesse since its release, to the great satisfaction of many of our female cycling enthusiasts.


  • ICS System compatible
  • K:ium Rails 7mm round
  • Carbon Reinforced Nylon Wing-Flex shell
  • Pearl White Microtex cover with Microtem Gummy thigh glides
  • Available in Pearl White/Black
  • 270mm x 150mm
  • 249 grams
  • Handmade in Italy
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Reg Price $119.95


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