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Louis Garneau Vorttice Helmet 2013

The top of the line offering from Louis Garneau pulls out all the stops. The Vorttice helmet is a true revolution in aerodynamic helmets designed to be faster than the competition. Unlike any other aero helmet, proven dimpled technology at the front of the helmets causes air to flow closely to the helmet. When hitting the Vortex Generator at the top of the helmet, the air is accelerated again, so it can glide along to the end of the helmet and eliminate air disturbances.

Louis Garneau's unique air intake is situated at the highest pressure point on the helmet directs the air along the 3 evacuation channels keeping the rider cool and directing the flow of air through and out the helmet. When the cyclist is riding straight forward, the air must change direction to skirt around the helmet. This creates a high pressure zone in front of the helmet making it the perfect place to position the vent. Air goes in at high speed, moves around the head through internal evacuation channels and exits at the back opening. Heat produced by the cyclist's head is then wicked out through the back.

The Vorttice lens is ventilated and included with the helmet. The lens is protective, but also works together with the helmet to significantly improve aerodynamics. The shape of the helmet, air intake system and vortex generator prove to be exceptional at managing winds from all directions allowing athletes to go faster while spending less energy.


  • 450 grams
  • 2 vents
  • Dimpled surface for improved airflow
  • Vortex generator
  • CPSC-ASTM-CE-AS 2063 certified
  • Vented channels
  • Vented Vorttice visor included visor
  • Spiderlock SL retention system adjustable with one hand
  • Select color
Reg Price $249.95
Item #: 786013