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Zipp Vuka Alumina BTA Mount with Quickview

The Zipp Vuka Alumina BTA Mount with Quickview is a superbly machined mount that allows you to put the water bottle cage of your choice between your aerobars. Horizontally mounted BTA (between the arms) hydration systems are aerodynamically faster, period. Triathletes and time trialists constantly in pursuit of faster and more efficient systems have known this for a while now.

After seeing athletes struggle with zip tied creations and Velcro attached monstrosities for years, Zipp created a real solution to the growing need for a well-engineered BTA system that incorporated the computer head unit. This water bottle and computer mount is precisely machined from 6061T6 alloy and the mounting hardware is laser etched with precision alignment scale, allowing a wide range of adjustability, with exact placement.


  • 104 grams
  • Horizontal water bottle cage mount with Garmin computer mount
  • Forged 6061T6 alloy
  • Highly adjustable

Zipp Vuka BTA Caron Bottle Cage not included. It is available separately

Item is in stock


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