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Ritchey WCS Logic II Handlebar

This WCS Logic II Handlebar is Ritchey's top offering in an lightweight and anatomical shaped alloy road bar. The round tops have grooves for cables and feature the R65 (65° radius) bend - where they bend from the tops to the to the brake/shift levers. This offers quick movement and changing of hand positions on the bar. The R65 bend also provides better forearm clearance when hammering in the drops. The drops have a distinct anatomic flat spot for secure grip and comfort when you dip down to the hooks. There is a slight 2° flare on the bottom of the bar increase stability.

Ritchey employs Fit Logic on the Logic II bar. This means the reach and drop are adjusted for each size/width bar. the wider the bar, the deeper and longer the reach. This size-specific geometry makes a lot of sense and is as close as you can get to having a custom sized bar. Ritchey bars are measured center to center at the lever mounting zones on the curve, so a 44cm size will be a true 44cm C-C on the hoods. The progressive drop/reach dimensions per size: 38&40cm = 125/72, 42cm = 132/78, 44cm = 144/82.

The WCS Logic II bars are made from Ritchey's proprietary 7050 aluminum. This heat treated, triple butted alloy is both lighter and stronger than standard 7000 series alloys. After the fabrication process, the bars are finished with a ball-burnished finish. Simple etched graphics with measure marks are placed around the clamping area. The WCS Logic II bars are available in 38-44cm widths with a 31.8mm bar clamp diameter.


  • Premium alloy handlebar with anatomic drop, modern radius, progressive dimensions
  • Proprietary triple butted 7050 aluminum construction
  • Anatomical bend for wide spacing at the tops, ample forearm clearance in the drops
  • Fit Logic sizing means progressive dimensions for wider bars
  • Grooved for recessed housing set-up
  • Drop/reach dimensions: 38cm&40cm = 125/72, 42cm = 132/78, 44cm = 144/82
  • Durable ball-burnished Blatte finish
  • Select width
  • Weight: 233 grams (42cm)

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Posted on 6/20/2012

I've been using these bars for about a month now and I am very happy with the purchase. These bars are so unbelievably comfortable that they made my old bars, an offering from the same company from several years ago, seem like some sort of medieval torture device. Transitioning between different hand positions seems smoother. When riding in the drops, you feel less tension, stress, hunched over, etc. in your back that you end up using the drops a lot more. The hand positions on the top of the bar seem like they were made for me.

Pros Hand position options, price, quality, finish

Cons Side graphics, but alcohol removes them.