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Shimano WH-RS81-C24-CL Wheelset

The rims on the WH-RS81-C24-CL wheels feature a proprietary, in-house construction where carbon is laminated to a thin aluminum rim. You then get the best of both worlds. The carbon portion is light and stiff does an excellent job of dampening the ride while enhancing the strength of rim at the same time. The alloy braking surface is far superior to carbon and is incredibly durable.

The WH-RS81-C24-CL is 11-speed compatible and comes with a 1.85mm spacer so it will work with 10, 9, 8-speed and SRAM too. The hubs are based on Dura-Ace design featuring angular contact bearing and labyrinth seals. The flanges are super wide increasing the distance of the spokes between the flange creating a wider footprint for a far stronger and more stable wheel. The front wheel is 16 hole with a radial lace, while the rear is 20 hole with a 2x lacing pattern.

In terms of how the wheels ride, we would have to say 2 words that comes to mind are fast and comfortable. Many factory wheels have a stiff ride quality because they use fewer spokes at a higher tension. Shimano builds the WH-RS81-C24-CL to ride like a well-conceived hand-built wheel that soothes rough roads white having plenty of rigidity when needed for hill sprints and criteriums. You also get a particular amount of built in durability and longevity with the hubs, because of the design - they will last many seasons with no required maintenance. Over the past few years this carbon-hybrid rim design has proven to be as durable as anything else currently on the market. Includes skewers, rim tape, and spoke wrenches.


  • 1505 grams
  • Rim profile 21mm front and 23mm rear - width 20.8mm
  • Front wheel has 16 spokes radially laced
  • Rear wheel has 20 spokes laced 2 cross
  • 11-speed Shimano/SRAM compatible, includes 1.85mm 10-speed spacer
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Item #: 060625
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