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Abus Web Chain 1500-110 Lock

The Abus 1500 Web Lock is a simple and effective way of locking up your bike. At the core is a 4mm chain that is covered by woven nylon fabric. This dual purpose fabric protects the paint on your frame as well as the chain from deteriorating from exposure in the elements. This lock does a good job at offering basic protection and keeping honest people honest.

Adding to the simplicity of the chain design, the lock core can be fastened with one hand by just clicking the core shut. The key is only needed to open the lock. The chain has a total length of 60mm, so there is ample length to secure your bike however you see fit. 2 keys are included with purchase.


  • Durable 4mm chain with woven sheath
  • High quality, one click lock cylinder
  • 60mm length
  • 2 keys included
  • Superb value
  • 140 grams
Item #: 484200
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