Mavic Wheel Bag

Mavic Wheel Bag

Probably the best wheel bag we sell. Completely padded sides to protect your wheel when traveling or being laid next to other wheel bags. Zippered inside stash pocket for skewer is a nice touch.


  • Padded sides
  • Reinforced pads sewn in at axles
  • Fits one wheel
  • $34.90
    Available on 6/30/2015


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    Posted on 4/2/2012

    I have one of these from 4 years ago and decided to order another for my other wheel. Wow, the one I got recently (now returned) was very poor quality and very disappointing. The zipper wouldn't zip and it seemed like it was constructed with a much larger zipper track than was needed. Even the padding seemed cheaper. When I looked inside it said it was made in vietnam. Not sure if I got the only bad one but I would say it would pass as a counterfeit if you compare it to other Mavic wheel bags that come with the rims...


    Posted on 9/25/2011 10:34:02 AM

    Nice bag except for one annoying problem: zipper on the inner pocket can put a dent or scratch in your rim if something bumps or presses on the side of the bag. This happened to my disc wheel... ugh! I own 6 of these bags. Solution is to wrap the zipper handle with several layers of electrical tape or other soft material to pad the handle.

    Allan Tucker

    Posted on 11/7/2003 6:30:48 AM

    This bag has it all, good build quality, zips that work well and decent padding to protect your investments while on the racing circuit. In total very good value for the money.