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Catlike Whisper Helmet

Prior to the introduction of the Mixino, The Whisper was Catlike's most recognized helmet and a favorite of the pro peloton. 39 sculpted, round vents provide the outstanding airflow riders covet. The airflow system, dubbed Dual Flow refers to the large intake and exit vents linked with internal channels for a vigorous flow of air which can increase performance particularly in warm and hot weather.

The MS EVO retention system is designed to fit any head size and is super comfortable even when the helmet is tight and secure. The wheel can be operated with one hand and has micro-clicks for a perfect adjustment. Side, height and rear adjustments can all be tailored with the MPS EVO fitting system.

Several new technologies are used by the Whisper that go beyond just passing the rigorous CPSC standard. A PVC cage holds the helmet together to protect the helmet structure. The Crash Energy Splitter refers to the honeycomb structure that spread the impact force through several cells significantly increasing safety. Low Nape Protection provides a lower rear structure that delivers extra protection to the vulnerable back of the head.


  • 280 grams (medium)
  • In-mold construction
  • Ultralight multi-postion strap
  • Coolmax padding
  • Low nape protection design
  • Dual air flow design for maximum venting
Reg Price $224.95


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