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GoPro Wi-Fi Remote

Every GoPro owner we know has experienced the two grimaces or faces during camera operation. First is the is this thing on? look, followed shortly by the where is that darn off button look. With a GoPro Wi-Fi remote, you can confidently turn on and off your camera with confidence (and without slowing down).

Strap the Wi-Fi Remote on your wrist or on your bars, or simply throw it on your keychain. You will have the power to control all of your cameras from up to 600 ft away. If you own multiple cameras, you can position some up ahead and simply click the button when you are ready rather than worry about all that extra card space that you are filling up with wasted video. Make your GoPro experience more convenient (and professional) with a Wi-Fi remote.


  • Control up to 50 cameras at a time from up to a whopping 600 feet
  • Full camera control
  • On/Off, Shutter and Settings control
  • LCD screen mirrors LCD status screen
  • Wearable and waterproof to 10 feet
  • Attachment strap, key ring, and charging cable included
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