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Craft Winter Hat

The Craft Winter Hat is designed for comfort and warmth. This excellent insulating piece utilizes proprietary Craft fibers and technology to insure close fit, high thermal regulation and moisture management. Designed specifically for cyclists, this close fitting, ergonomic hat rides smoothly under the helmet and trims off unnecessary fabric for a sleek, effective profile. In addition to the terrific thermal properties, Craft also uses a light, elastic wind and waterproof fabric on the front panel for maximum protection from the elements, effectively blocking wind and water without excess material. The brushed fabric on the inside of the hat is soft and wicks away moisture. Both the protection and thermal materials have a high stretch capacity for a comfortable, non-bunching fit.

If you are cyclist who pushes the boundaries of cold weather cycling, and you want a clean fitting hat, the Craft Winter Hat should work for you. This piece is also excellent for riders who simply find that lighter weight hats just don’t keep them warm enough, and for commuters who may have the type of interrupted rides that don’t allow them to create much body heat due to frequent stops and starts. It is better to be warm in such situations. Be prepared for the cold and wet with the Craft Winter Hat.


  • Craft Winter Thermal fabric- 92% Polyester, 8% Elastane
  • Windproof panel 100%polyester knit with highly elastic microporous film
  • Flatlock seam stitching between panels for comfort
  • Slim profile with highly ergonomic fit for under-helmet comfort
  • Color- Black
  • Sizes- Sm/Med, L/XL
Reg Price $34.99


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