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Schwalbe Winter Marathon Studded Tire

Riding even in snowy and icy conditions can be a great way to keep in shape when everybody else is getting fat on the couch. Plus it is a great way to get an sense of adventure by being out on a bike when the road surface scares away the less enthusiastic riders.

The Schwalbe Marathon Winter Tire delivers a huge amount of safety and control thanks to 208 well-placed steel spikes. Raceguard protection means a virtually bullet-proof sidewall and a lot of puncture protection. A reflective sidewall adds another layer of safely for the hard-core commuter.

Weather and road conditions should influence the tire pressure you choose. You will want to be closer to 35 psi in the snow and ice. If the roads become dry, inflate closer to the maximum 70 psi.


  • 208 studs
  • Reflective sidewall stripe
  • 1265 grams
  • RaceGuard extreme puncture and sidewall protection
  • Wire bead
  • 35-70psi recommended inflation

Schwalbe recommends in order to ensure that spikes are permanently fixed, tires should be run in for about 25 miles (40km) on asphalt, while avoiding any fast acceleration or heavy braking.

Reg Price $89.00


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