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Sidi Wire Carbon Road Shoe

Sidi aficionados will be drawn to the Wire Carbon Road Shoe for it's world-class aesthetics, technology, and overall performance. This top of the line shoe delivers Sidi's classic fit and shape, with a plethora of features engineered to optimize your cycling experience. While the technologies are familiar, design never stands still, with constant improvement a touchstone of Sidi's commitment to delivering the bets cycling shoes on the market, whether you race with Team Sky, or enjoy long afternoon rides with friends.

The key new technology for the Wire Carbon Road Shoe is the Tecno-3 Push ratchet system. Sidi has redesigned the familiar Tecno-3 with a new easy adjustment feature. A red button in the center can easily be felt or seen while riding, and a simple push initiates a single position release, making it simple and easy to relax the wire tension. It sounds simple and easy, and it is, but engineering the design of the existing Tecno-3 without making it larger or bulkier was not so easy. Button action is positive and easily repeated for additional release. All other features of the Tecno-3 remain the same, and Sidi offers parts and kits for rebuilding these time-tested ratchets. The Wire system allows for a truly unique fit, and the two ratchet system means the upper and mid-foot micro adjustments can be made independently.

The upper is a synthetic leather that has a supple feel without excess, and is very durable. Sid's shoes, with standard replaceable parts are designed to last for years, and the upper must withstand years of use in the sun and elements. Strategic perforations allow the material to actively breathe and add a nice aesthetic to the design. The tongue is a combination of the same material and venting zones. The perfectly stiff Sidi Vent Carbon Sole was designed for four season use, as you can manually open and close the vent. When open, air enters and is channeled through the sole to keep your feet comfortable. Excess heat and flow can escape via the perforations in the upper, completing the ventilation system. The sole also features the replaceable heel and toe taps that protect your carbon from excess wear, and also help to prevent slipping when walking with road cleats affixed.

Many riders will point to Sidi's adjustable heel cup system as their favorite shoe feature. Easily adjusted on either, or both, sides of the top of the heel cup to customize support from the reinforcing design to provide a zero-slip fit for maximum pedaling and power transfer efficiency. This adjustment is complemented by the Soft Instep 2 closure system; a wide, anatomically curved strap combined with a soft, thermoformed EVA pad that distributes pressure evenly over the instep area from the top. You can adjust the position to best center over your foot anatomy. This system is integrated with the top Tecno-3 Push ratchet, but as with the ratchet and sole pads, can be individually replaced.

As you can see, the technology and features of the Wire Carbon Road Shoe are completely complementary, and the whole ensemble ensures fit, comfort, durability, and performance, leaving the pedaling to you. Sidi's fit is definitely more European than international. Length is correct, and Sidi considers the last to be a standard width, but if you have require a wide toe box or high arch, fit can be a challenge. The low-profile shoe best fits a low to mid volume foot with a more of a C overall width. The upper and Tecno-3 Push system do offer some flexibility, but those with wide toes will struggle. Sidi riders are among the most loyal customers we serve, and if the shoes fit you well, you will likely never choose another brand. We have sold Sidi's to customers who still use the same pair over a decade later. Others upgrade as technology improves, staying loyal to this scion of cycling shoes. Either way, the Wire Carbon Road Shoe will test even the will of every Sidi owner. It is simply too great a product to ignore.


  • Top line road shoe with vented carbon sole, incredible fit and use technology
  • Italian cut and fit in a low-profile shoe, with a minimal insole and narrow instep
  • Tecno-3 Push ratcheting buckles allow simple push indexed release while riding
  • Wire system will not stretch, 2 individual controls allow for customized fit
  • All Tecno-3, Wire, and Soft Instep 2 parts are replaceable
  • Synthetic leather upper is supple and durable, with perforated zones for moisture/heat control
  • HSS adjustable heel retention system with two-side adjustment
  • Sole vent can be opened or closed for 4-season comfort
  • Stiff carbon sole features 3-bolt, Delta style cleat mounting pattern
  • Heel and toe taps prevent slipping, both can be replaced when worn down
  • Color: White
  • Sizes: 41-47 with half sizes
  • Made in Italy


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