Sidi Wire SP Carbon Road Shoes

We have limited supply of these closeout 2014 Wire SP (Speedplay) shoes in stock. Get yours and save while they're still available.

Speedplay users rejoice. Sidi has just crated the ultimate shoes for you. The direct mount of these SP soles on these shoes allow for direct mounting of Speedplay cleats without those pesky adapters. This saves hassle, as well as 48 grams of unnecessary rotating weight. It also puts you 3mm closer to the pedal spindle for more efficient pedaling. All the way around it's two enthusiastic thumbs up.

The Sidi Wire SP upper is constructed of Sidi's proprietary Tecnomicro fabric with a brilliant Vernice finish. This synthetic upper is light, thin and conforms to the skin in a body-mapping kind of way that feels like a second skin. Beyond fit, it's also extremely breathable, stretch resistant and very durable. The upper is secured to your foot with Sidi's brilliant Techno 3 Wire buckle system. The Wire offers up a modern way of micro adjustment through the simple turn of a dial. And while these draw comparison to the BOA closure system due to similar design features, there's nothing similar about them. There is no plastic used in the Wire buckle internals which provide and unmatched tactile action and leverage. The design is absolutely bomber, but in the event they need to be replaced, the entire buckle system can be removed and replaced in a matter of minutes. Two buckles, one located on the instep and the other at the forefoot allow you to vary the diameter and pressure you want on and around your foot. The HSS heel cup tension is adjustable with the turn of a screw to tighten of loosen the heel cup depending on preference.

The Wire SP Carbon shoes uses Sidi's SP Carbon sole. The hand-laid carbon sole is the stiffest and lightest carbon sole to date. And even thought it is stiff, Sidi still provides some engineered flex in the front of the sole located directly under the metatarsal region to provide comfort and relief without diminishing performance. The sole is drilled specifically for Speedplay 4 hole cleats and provides Speedplay pedal users with the best performance option in a shoe.


  • Pre-drilled with Speedplay SP 4 hole pattern
  • Techno 3 instep and forefoot buckle
  • HSS Heel Security System
  • Soft Instep closure flap
  • Anatomically molded heel cup
  • Ultimate evolution of the Sidi design
  • Made in Italy
Reg Price $499.99


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Posted on 7/24/2014

Shoe fits better than my old Sidi Genius because the redesigned toe box has more space for the pinkies. First ride was our weekly climb up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. No issues mirco adjusted the shoe as needed. Transfer of power via the carbon sole was evident Will take a while to get used to the "white". If you can afford these shoe buy them. One more thing the addition of the Speedplay stainless plate made the pedal a little more "slippery" with the float no biggie.

Pros fit quality of construction

Cons not really a con but the are super white


Posted on 12/17/2013

These shoes are super light, but I have had some issues with them. The first is that I've gotten hotspots on long rides. I think this is because my normal width 11.5 foot is a little wider than the last. The next issue is that you have to purchase a Speedplay carbon sole protector kit in order to use the shoes without damaging the carbon fiber. I had to make a trip to my LBS to get this $12 set of thin metal shims. Since they are required, they should be included with the shoes at this price.

Finally, the shoes use a plastic strap lock at the ankle opposite the boa twister. This plastic strap is locked into a hollow plastic box, located on the medial side of the shoe, by teeth. If your feet are narrow, the tip of the strap extends past the box by a few mm. This is just enough so that the tip can be caught be the pedal arm as shoe swings by on each revolution. This has happened enough times with my shoes that the box on my right shoe is now cracked at two corners.

Pros light, attractive

Cons narrow last, needs metal shims, strap issue


Posted on 3/15/2013

Super comfortable and micro adjustable. After 10 minutes or so of riding, the uppers become very supple and mold to your feet. re-adjust, never any pressure points. Have worn high end, Lakes, Shimano and Speciallized, nothing compares to these!

Pros comfort, adjustability, low stack height

Cons price, but in this case you get what you pay for


Posted on 1/23/2013

I'll get a pair of these if they ever install sole vents, period. Oh, it would be nice it they made the shoes for Americans instead of skinny foot Europeans.

Pros Snob appeal. Nice looking

Cons too narrow, no sole vents


Posted on 11/29/2012

BOMB of shoe, Sidi just keeps getting better

Pros Everything

Cons Need sole vent next