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Castelli Womens Body Paint 2.0 Short

Castelli does women's specific cycling apparel better than anyone else. Bold statement but true. They simply hit every requirement needed to succeed. These requirements for the Body Paint 2.0 short include an exacting fit with perfect contours for the female physique and incredible comfort from an anatomically correct chamois which is purpose built for the female body. Combine these elements with prefect Italian styling and you get one of our best-selling women's short.

As the name implies, these women's specific Body Paint 2.0 shorts were designed to feel like a natural extension of your skin, like they were painted on your body. Interestingly enough, while other apparel manufacturers are adding panels to increase support and fit, the Body Paint bibs reduce the panel count to one. This one large panel is anatomically cut and attached back onto itself creating a comfortable short with solid muscle compression that is unmatched in lightweight and low volume. it fits snug, but it's not restrictive.

The Women's Body Paint short uses the women's specific Progetto X2 chamois. Much time was spent developing this product to maximize comfort and enhance performance. Many in the industry laud this as the finest women's chamois available on the market. It has two distinct components. A skin care layer is bacteriostatic, soft, stretchy, seamless and is designed to prevent chafing. The cushioning layer features variable thickness with extra viscous padding beneath the sit bones and perineum.


  • Power Stretch Lycra
  • One panel construction
  • Variable knit structure improves aerodynamics and moisture management
  • Women's specific Progetto X2 Insert
  • Aero leg dimples
  • Soft and simple Giro3 leg grippers
Reg Price $199.99


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