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Mountain    Tires - 26 inch

Continental X King ProTection Tire

The Continental X King ProTection is on the short list of many XC and All Mountain riders for good reason. Is super-fast thanks to medium height lugs and the revered Black Chili rubber compound, while the lugs deliver a surprising good grip for a tire that rolls smooth and fast. It is pretty much self cleaning thanks to the wide spacing of the lugs.

Thanks to the venerable Continental ProTection casing, durability in the field is amazing. The extra all-round puncture protection layer renders the casings especially durable and resists sidewall blowouts sharp rocks can dish out. This is because the ProTection belt extends under the tread and through the sidewall. This new belt is lighter and more puncture resistant than its DuraSkin predecessor. Rolling resistance and absorption has also significantly improved. This tire has the revolution Tubeless ready bead so it can be run tubeless with sealant so small punctures won't delay your ride or ruin your race.

The Black Chili compound is derived directly from Moto GP racing and offers lots of high end technology. It is essentially a blend of natural and synthetic rubbers. The natural rubber is mixed with 'nano' sized soot particles, who's surface properties are optimized to deform around surface objects and inconsistencies in the road for better grip. These small particles also form a tighter bond with each other improving compound strength for improved longevity and shear strength. Thanks to these polymers and carbon fillers, the Black Chili ends up being some of the strongest and most durable tread available as well as having the least amount of rolling resistance. The fillers also greatly reduce flatting.


  • ProTection casing
  • Revolution Tubeless Ready bead
  • Grippy yet fast rolling
  • Excellent XC-all mountain tire
  • 50-65 recommended inflation range
  • 650 grams
Reg Price $64.95
Item #: 750032 Weight: 650g