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Speedplay X Series Snap Shim Cleats

These stock replacement cleats for Speedplay X Series pedals include all mounting hardware for cleat to shoe including the three-hole adapter. We sell them in pairs and is enough for one pair of shoes. Perfect for replacing worn X cleats or for a second or new pair of shoes.


  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Fits one pair of shoes
  • $40.00
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     Anonymous : 

    I do lube my cleats every couple rides with a white lightening and clean them every so often with a tooth brush to keep everything running smooth. I replaced my cleats with some backups after the metal was ground down pretty bad, but never had a spring failure. My first pair lasted at least 15000 miles and my backup cleats are still running strong after another 15K miles. I have all the parts from my first set for spare parts and I never even considered the springs as a failure mode. Love the pedal system and wouldnt ride anything else at this point. Sometimes I take my bike on the train and I switch to flip flops for walking. Only wish the cleat was more walkable... its like ice skates when walking on tile or any other slick surfaces.

    2/16/2010 11:32:05 PM

     Anonymous : 

    These pedals are great and I have ridden them since the X pedal series came out many years ago. I also have to agree with those that complain about the cleat spring longevity. I lube my cleats and pedals with Ice wax on a regular basis and still go through one cleat spring at least every other season if I try to run them too long. It is always on the right side which is the foot I pop off the pedal when stopping. Since the cleat springs are the same on both cleats at least I have collected a few spare springs but it would be nice if Speedplay sold just extra cleat springs as the cleat bottoms are often still in decent conditon. You cannot predict when a cleat spring will fail so I recommend replacing your cleats at least every other year if not sooner. Once a cleat sprint breaks out on the road you can still ride but run the risk of losing your shoe off the effected pedal until it is fixed.

    2/20/2009 5:53:35 AM

     Anonymous : 

    A great pedal but they should offer the springs for sale as a seperate item. I’ve been lucky in that my LBS has been able to get replacement springs from their supplier.

    4/10/2008 3:13:23 PM

     Anonymous : 

    Great pedal! I had knee problems before I switched to Speedplay X1 stainless steel pedals, and now I’ve been riding fine for the last 2 racing seasons. This is the first time in 3 collegiate cycling racing seasons that I’ve had to replace my cleats. And that’s just because I had a pressure flat going 35, and I had to put my right foot down to stop the bike, which ground down most of the cleat.

    2/25/2008 4:14:05 PM

     Anonymous : 

    Please stop all the whinnning about the speedplay cleats having to be replaced too often. I apply a thin film of white lithium grease to the metal edges of the pedal every other ride and monthly spray some T-9 on the cleats. I ride just about around and replace the cleats every 4-5 years.

    2/4/2008 10:31:13 PM

     Anonymous : 

    As mentioned before, use a wax based lube to keep your X series cleats working like new. I brush out my cleats once every couple of weeks and then lay a thin bead of Pedros wax lube along the metal spring. The cleats always work like new. BTW, I recently bought a rebuild kit for $62.00 for my X-2 stainless Speedplays. I bought these pedals in 1998 and they were really still working great at rebuild. I just thought it time to give them an overhaul after 20,000 miles. Speedplays are just good pedals.... simple, light and reliable. Don’t believe all the negative comments about excessive float. You’ll adapt to the movement very quickly and if you are like me, you’ll come to appreciate your pedal stroke going where your normal biomechanics dictate. I ride Crank Bros. egg beaters on my cyclocross and mountain bikes, but the Speedplays are clearly superior to the egg beaters as well as the SPD’s and Looks that I’ve ridden in the past.

    9/23/2007 4:14:58 PM

     Anonymous : 

    Yes, Speedplay did sell a "spring-housing" that was about 1/3 of the cost of a cleat. Now they decided to discontinue this option in the name of profit and sell the replacement cleat for $38.

    5/11/2007 8:18:23 AM

     Anonymous : 

    Speedplay are my favorite pedals. Once you get used to the amount of play you have on the pedals you won’t switch pack. Unfortunately, as the other reviewer mentioned, the cleats seem to need replaced at least once a year. I wish I could only buy the spring or a single cleat (my right breaks more than left - guess I have an uneven stroke...)

    4/15/2007 1:31:37 AM

     Anonymous : 

    Great product. I race CAT II in No Cal and have put in almost 25K miles on a single pair on my primary training bike and over 17k on my race bike. Haven’t had a thing go wrong with them yet, and they click in and out as good as new. Just lube em regularly, use a bit of pedal wax and go ride. Great product.

    8/11/2006 12:29:54 PM

     Anonymous : 

    These cleats work great, and they always function perfectly. Unfortunately they constantly need to be replaced, at least once or twice every season. Speedplay used to sell just the spring that actually needs to be replaced for $10, but now they make us buy the whole cleat. Thanks Speedplay!