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Speedplay X-2 Stainless Steel Pedals

Same pedal as the top of the line X-1 except with stainless steel spindles. The use of stainless steel spindles in the X-2 provides a good balance of strength and low-weight and proves to be a better value as well - no doubt why they are our best-selling X series pedal. Includes the same high quality bearing as the X-1 and carries no rider weight limit. One pair of pedals includes cleats and mounting hardware for 3 and 4 hole shoes.

Since the release of the incredibly innovative X series pedal in the early nineties, Speedplay has amassed a huge following of cyclists. Absolute free-floating design with no centering device offers the ability for your foot to float and rotate to your natural bio mechanical position while pedaling. Dual-sided entry makes getting clipped in to the pedal a snap. The other innovative design feature is the retention mechanism resides in the cleat, so there are no moving parts on the pedal to worry about.


  • Easy dual-sided entry
  • 198 grams pair
  • X series cleats are 62 grams/pair
  • Non-centering free float minimizes knee strain
  • 37 degrees of cornering clearance
  • Compatible with all modern 3-hole and 4-hole shoe mountings
  • Built-in grease port for easy bearing lubrication
  • Engagement security is independent of spring tension
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 Anonymous : 

I have used Speedplay X-2 pedals for many years. I have NEVER blown out of them. I can't imagine riding anything else.

Cons: Cleats don't handle dirt well

9/26/2007 11:04:18 AM

 Anonymous : 

These pedals are awesome. If you pronate or supinate these will take care of it with the built in float. They float so freely that it takes some getting used to if you are coming from standard (Time, Look, etc) pedals. I have been on my X2’s for around 8 years and all they have needed is a lube job or two. I would like to give the newer Zero’s or the Light Action’s a try, but a different cleat would mean another pair of shoes and I am perfectly happy with the X2’s right now and am buying another pair for my new Orbea Opal I just bought. Can’t go wrong with these things, even if you are a heavier rider (beware the X1’s if you weigh more than 185 lbs I guess). I am in the neighborhood of 200 to 215 usually and my pedals seem to have no problem with that.