Speedplay X2 Body Kit

The Speedplay X2 body kit is perfect for replacing a worn X2 pedal body. It comes with all the required hardware and the inner needle bearings but not the cartridge bearings which can be swapped over.


  • 2 Dust Caps with Grease Screws
  • Plastic Amber Bodies
  • 2 Retaining Rings
  • 2 T-20 Screws
  • 2 O-rings
  • Speedplay part number 13055
  • Includes detailed instructions

    Please note: does not include bowties

  • $45.00
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    Posted on 4/2/2015

    Despite the description, these work perfectly with X1 Ti spindles. I now have over 10k... wait, maybe 20k miles on them (over 1 or two years).

    Pros Make you pedals just like new. Works with X1 also.

    Cons Expensive - like all speedplay pedals.