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SRAM X9 Rear Hub 32 Hole 6 Bolt

SRAM X9 Rear Hub 32 Hole 6 Bolt

Well designed 3 pawl system offers quick and solid engagement. Oversize allot axle increases both stiffness of the hub shell and offers a larger fitting for larger diameter bearings, which in turn maker the bearings more durable. Allot hub shells is anodized black and features cut outs on the non-drive side flange. 6 bolt disc compatibility is industry standard.

All-in-all this is a great quality hub with for the value orientated cyclist that demands durability and lightweight. Rear freehub is compatible with all Shimano and SRAM 8, 9 and 10 speed drivetrains.


  • Steel freehub body
  • Alloy oversize axle
  • Black anodized alloy hub shell
  • SRAM/Shimano compatible
  • 3 pawl engagement
  • 395 grams
  • $59.95
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    Posted on 4/15/2014

    The price is right, and the build quality is nice, and the finish is attractive, but the 3-pawl engagement system sucks. I have never put much stock in counting pawls, but this is also the first hub I have ever ridden with fewer than six. It is very noticeable. Ever had your cleat come loose during a ride? It is exactly that sensation. Starting from a freewheel or a stop, you apply power, and then for the briefest moment, nothing happens, you just feel mechanical slop, things sliding around. Then the hub engages and it's back to business. It isn't necessarily a dealbreaker, once I got over checking the bolts on my cleats and figured out what was happening, I did get used to it. But 5-15 minutes into every ride, I still have a Oh right, the 3-pawl hub moment. This is my one and only qualm with this hub, but if I had it to do over agin, I'd probably have used a Shimano hub for my build. On the plus side, it sure makes me appreciate the White Industries hub on my road bike.

    Pros Good build quality, attractive finish, good value

    Cons Apparently hub pawls are very rare in Taiwan.