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Mavic XM 819 UST Rim

Mavic XM 819 UST Rim

Mavic UST Tubeless rim that is a great way have a tubeless wheel laced to a standard hub. Excellent choice for a fairly light and very durable rim for XC or All-mountain applications.


  • 465 grams
  • Non-machined black sidewalls for disc only
  • Anodized black
  • Black double eyelets
  • Durable Maxtal® alloy

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  • $94.95


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    Rob Love

    Posted on 5/18/2004 1:11:24 PM

    These wheels build up sweet, IF AND ONLY IF, you can find a mavic UST eyelet installation tool. At the time I bought my pair, excel did not have the tool in stock, but make sure you get one! Also, blue loctite or permatex is needed on the threads of the eyelets. Plan on spending awhile longer to build each wheel, as you have to thread the eyelet on the spoke, then the nipple (use long nips) and thread the eyelet to the rim. As a rule, I threaded the long nips onto the spoke until you just can’t see spoke threads, and use that as a starting point for tensioning. I have been riding these for about a month, and the rims are bomb-proof, and they are well worth the time and money.