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SRAM XO Front Derailleur Low Clamp


The SRAM Low Clamp design is a variation of the traditional clamp style with the difference being the cage swings above the clamp as opposed to below it. Hence the term low clamp, where the clamp is lower than the cage. It offers a stiffer option to the high clamp however it will not fit some frames that have ovalized tubes by the seatube/bottom bracket shell juncture.

Many riders comment on how quick and accurate the front shifting is on SRAM drivetrains are, giving most of the credit to the trigger shifters. The fact is the SRAM front derailleur does a lot of the heavy lifting. The oversize and super stiff bracket combined with a strong return spring manipulate the chain up and down the chainrings with ease. The XO offers a black anodized body with a treated cage for added durability.


  • Oversize black body
  • Strong return spring
  • Treated and profile cage
  • Works on all SRAM 10 speed mountain drivetrains
Reg Price $81.99
Item #: 183325