SRAM XO Grip Shift Shifters 10 Speed 2x10

After the first year of 10 speed drivetrains and the addition of double ringed cranksets, die-hard twist shift fans were wondering if they would ever be able to use their beloved shifters again. SRAM has answered your needs with a newly designed twist shifter that that now works better than ever and includes an optional grip as well.

The major improvement comes in the form of ball bearings. The twist shift action rotates on tiny bearings which in contrast to the older bushing/spring design. It is far smoother and more quiet. No more telecasting your shifts, similar to making a clarion call to all competitors in you vicinity that you are either suffering and grabbing for gears or about to attack. Shifts are now quick, accurate and stealth. The shifters come with a grip that can be clipped in to form the entire shift-grip assembly. If you prefer to use your own grips, no problem, just unclip the SRAM grip and clip in the shift end cap. You are then welcome to use any grip you prefer. And finally, for years of being called Twist Shift, SRAM has given in and called the shifters by their true name, Grip Shifters.

The new style ball bearing based Grip Shift is lighter, works better than ever and offers a viable option to Trigger Shifters. Sold in pairs, works with SRAM 10 speed drivetrains only. Choose form silver, black and 2x10 and 3x10 drivetrains.


  • Removable grips included
  • Ball bearing action
  • Cables and housing included
  • 190 grams/pair
Sale Price
Reg Price $242.00


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