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Shimano XT M785 Disc Brake

The current XTR 780 series disc brakes are widely considered the best brakes available on the market. These XT M785 are simply a less expensive version of the XTR borrowing much of the technology using more modest materials and finishes. This added value with similar performance to the XTR makes this product the best performing brake in it's class and a superb value. Clearly the best XT brake ever produced.

The sleek and low profile levers have a polished barrel shaped, inline reservoir. This allows for Shimano's one way bleed process which make servicing them a snap. The levers themselves are forged for durability and offer both reach and stroke adjustment.

The XT two-piece caliper has large 22mm ceramic pistons for supreme stopping power. The Ice Tech pads have cooling fins to dissipate heat buildup during braking. This reduces fading and improves modulation. Shimano's tried and true Servo Wave keeps the pads far away from the rotor when not in use. This improves clearance and reduces possible drag.

Superb power with excellent modulation and plenty of adjustability at a bargain price. Kit includes lever and caliper with attached, pre-bled line.


  • More than enough stopping power
  • Inline barrel shaped reservoir
  • Reach and stroke adjustment
  • Pre-bled with mineral oil
  • Ice Tech finned pads
  • 1000mm hose length front 1700mm rear
  • 22mm dual pistons
  • 372 grams

This is the Newer model compatible with I-spec B shifters - not compatible with older I-spec shifters

Reg Price $139.99


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