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Shimano XTR CN-M980 10 Speed Chain

Special link and plate profiling on the CN-M980 XTR chain optimizes shifting performance on the chainrings and the cassette while shedding mud and debris at the same time. Like the CN-7900 chain, it is asymmetrical on operates in one direction only. The inside plates are designed to glide in the confines of the tight gear ratio of the cassette and perform with minimum friction and maximum glide. The outer plates cut and profile assists in moving the chain to larger chainrings with smoother action and quicker response. The pins are hollow for additional weight savings

The CN-980 is mountain specific, meaning it is only meant to be used on Shimano Dyna-Sys 10 speed drivetrains. The final touch is an engraved XTR logo on the outer plates. Shimano has always focused on light action and precise shifting, so it's no surprise they put a ton of engineering into one of the most important shifting and oft overlooked components - the chain. As with all of their chains - there is no quick link, just the standard HG installation pin. Installing and removing the chain is simple and quick process.


  • 10 Dyna-Sys compatible only
  • XTR engraved logo
  • Asymmetrical design
  • 116 links
  • Made in Japan
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    Item #: 291095 Weight: 260g
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