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Mountain    Derailleurs - front

Shimano XTR Front Derailleur M981-986 D-Mount 3x10

The direct mount style front derailleur allows you to do just what it says: directly mount the derailleur to the frame itself. No braze or clamp necessary. Pretty slick when you think about it and the design is gaining traction with many high end builders. Beyond the way it clamps, it is a standard bottom swing or down swing XTR front derailleur. This means the derailleur pivots below the clamp.

One interesting thing to note about XTR front derailleurs is that the cage plates pivot to create perfect parallel between the inner and outer cage for way improved shifting. This is a big performance upgrade and really what you are paying for when upgrading to the best - XTR.


  • Pivoting parallel plates
  • Anodized/brushed finish
  • Durable and reliable
  • Direct mount/down swing operation
  • 138 grams
  • $39.88
    Reg Price $139.95
    Item #: 114383
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