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Time Xpresso 10 Carbon Pedals

The Time Xpresso 10 offers all of the frills of a top of a the line pedal except sans titanium axle. The axle is instead constructed of hollow chromoly steel. While not as light as titanium, the chromoly axles add unprecedented strength. The body is complete carbon construction and the bearings are super high quality.

Riders generally purchase Time Xpresso pedals for three reasons. They offer the ultimate in bio-mechanical positioning, they are the easiest pedals to clip into and they are one of the lightest pedals available. A fourth possible reason to look at the Xpresso pedals is the very large 700 mm² surface area. Other pedal systems make it seem like you are standing on an edge of a 2x4" where the huge platform of the Xpresso series feel like you are standing super supported on the wide part.

The focus on bio-mechanics have provided the rider with retention while allowing the cleat and shoe to move laterally and pivot freely to reduce stress on the knee and ankle. Many riders have found that they cannot use any other system without having knee or joint issues. What makes the Time system unique is lateral float. While almost all pedal systems have angular rotation built into the cleat, Time offers both angular float and lateral float working in tandem, built into the pedal. In short, this means the shoe/foot is permitted to rotate/pivot and move side to side (laterally) to naturally adjust during the pedal stroke. The fact that both of these mechanisms are built into the pedal greatly reduces any friction that occurs. It is so smooth in fact, the cleat moves around during the pedal stroke and the rider is unaware that it is occurring. When clipped in, you will also notice the generous amount of material used to create a super wide platform. So much so, when you up on the pedal, it feels like you are standing on the floor.

The Xpresso's entry and retention design is much akin to a ski binding and makes entry into the pedal an incredible simple task. When you exit the pedal the carbon fiber blade holds the cage open and then closes when you re-enter the pedal. The use of a carbon fiber blade instead of a traditional spring to make the clip-in action easier, faster and virtually friction-free. There is simply no pedal that is easier to clip into.


  • Full Carbon body
  • Hollow steel axle
  • Massive 700 square mm surface area
  • Adjustable Q-Factor (with cleats)
  • Includes Xpresso cleats and mounting hardware
  • 195 grams/pair
Reg Price $274.99


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