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Time Xpresso Stainless Pedal Platform

These are the standard OE replacement for Time Xpresso and Time Xpresso pedals that are badged with Mavic decals. They use Stainless Steel skid plates which in contrast to the Alloy version we sell have longer wear times but weight a few grams more. One of the few places that the Xpresso pedal shows signs of wear is on the pedal platform, where the cleat comes in direct contact. Simple replacement only requires removing two screws to remove old platform. Install a pair and your Xpresso pedals will make your worn pedals function like brand new. Includes two platforms and four fresh mounting screws


  • Full replacement for one pair of pedals
  • Mounting screws included
  • Stainless Steel skid plate for durability


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Posted on 9/8/2014

I just put these on my xpresso 12 pedals after I noticed some wear on the platforms after a year. I wanted the stainless because I knew they would last longer but was hesitant because of a weight penalty. When I took the old platforms off, I weighed them and compared them to the weight of the new stainless platforms. The old ones weigh 5g each and the stainless weigh 7g each. That is not much of a weight penalty to have a stainless platform. They were easy to install as well.

Pros Easy to install, only a 2g weight penalty

Cons None. It is a well made piece. Top quality here.