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Mavic Yksion Pro SSC Powerlink Tire

Mavic's new Powerlink Pro SSC tire is a rear wheel specific tire designed to better handle the tasks required of a rear tire. Specifically, it is designed with low rolling resistance and better tread durability for a longer service life. This latest version features a much improved build quality and now comes in size options so you can get a 23mm or a 25mm.

Everyone knows Mavic as a wheel and rim company. In the quest to get the most from their wheels, Mavic began developing tires so their wheel customers would be getting the most out of their investment. Mavic's tires have a nice balanced ride quality - not too hard and not too squishy. Durability and flat resistance is quite good thank to a nylon breaker belt.

The new Yksion Pro PowerLink is designed with a harder tread compound to roll fast. A supple yet durable nylon casing and tread pattern are specifically designed to enhance rolling efficiency making it one of the fastest tires available.


  • Designed as a rear wheel specific tire
  • Speed optimized tread compound
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Nylon anti-puncture belt
  • Light, durable and supple 127 tpi nylon casing
  • 190 grams in 23mm and 210 grams in a 25mm


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