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Assos Zegho Amplify Eyewear


Funny thing happened when the Zegho eyewear was rolled out of production and made available to the general cycling population. Everyone commented about the price point, then we could't keep them in stock. Once again Assos has proven that you can create a unique product which has no direct competition by creating a category where there was none prior. At first glance the Zegho appears to be a standard shield-type eyewear. Pick them up and you will notice feather weight. Put them on and have them wrap your face like nothing you have tried before. The optics are perfect and make your world look tact sharp. Simply put, there is other eyewear to choose from, but nothing like the Zegho line from Assos.

The Amplify lens has been the go to choice for most pros because they are reliable in all lighting conditions and the wise choice in lens shade unless you know that it will be sunny and bright all day long. They will add form and texture to the road and world around you, creating both improved optics and eye protection. Interesting to note, Assos chose not to polarize the lens so water can be easily detected on the road surface.

As you would expect from Assos, workmanship and materials are all first rate. The glasses take 22 manufacturing steps by 37 different people from start to finish. The arms and nose piece are rubber coated for grip and comfort. The Carl Zeiss lens is distortion free and provides 100% UV protection.


  • Good in variable light conditions
  • Carl Zeiss optics
  • Adjustable nose piece
  • Super flexible, face wrapping profile
  • Massive coverage with perfect optics
  • 100% UV protection
  • 27 grams
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