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Assos Zegho Werksmannschaft Eyewear


Type the word Werkmannschaft into Google Translate and you will find the literal translation to be factory team. These are the same Zegho glasses as the Noire, except in the factory team white/black graphics scheme.

The story of Zegho is as follows, when Assos decided to slightly broaden their reach by offering one of the most popular cycling accouchements. The Zegho eyewear collection is the result of intense research and development in the lab and field.

In typical Assos style, form follows function. They do not look like any other eyewear on the market and perform far better. There are three things you will notice when you first try the Zegho. First, they are feather weight. Two, they are incredibly flexible and pliant. So much so, they will wrap and contour any face and appear to give a shrink wrap fit. Three, the shear amount of coverage is amazing. They will provide unimpaired vision everywhere - there are no frame borders or blind spots impeding your vision.

As you would expect from Assos, workmanship and materials are all first rate. The glasses take 22 manufacturing steps by 37 different people from start to finish. The arms and nose piece are rubber coated for grip and comfort. The Carl Zeiss lens is distortion free and provides 100% UV protection.

All technical jargon aside, we cannot impress on you how sweet the Zeghos are until you try them out. They have transformed a piece of eyewear into a bicycle component. The Werkmannschaft model is inspired by their in-house cycling team and has the Team Assos white/black graphics and black/grey lens.


  • Noir rubber coated frames
  • Carl Zeiss V Toric lens
  • Super flexible
  • Large amount of coverage
  • 100% UV protection
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • 27 grams
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Posted on 2/16/2013

Although expensive, these are the finest shades I've own for cycling (I've had them about a year.) The Zeiss lens is crystal clear, much more so than other brands. The glasses are also the most light-weight I've worn; you hardly know that you have them on.

The lens tint works well in bright sun through dusk but may not be dark enough for sun-snow conditions. The advertising emphasizes that the duel tint works well when going through tunnels, although I find that you have to really crank your neck back to look forward through the clear portion. The clear tint works great for looking at your bike computer though! And you can see shaded obstacles on the tarmac much better too. I've never worn them off-road because of their expense, but I'd guess they'd be excellent on shaded trails.

The drawback is they are really expensive, but I think they're worth the cost compared to other brands.?

Pros Clarity, weight, dual lens tint, comfort

Cons Cost