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Speedplay Zero Snap Shim Cleats

These OE manufacterer replacement cleats for Speedplay Zero pedals include all mounting hardware for cleat to shoe including the three-hole adapter. We sell them in pairs and is enough for one pair of shoes. Perfect for replacing worn Zero cleats or for a second or new pair of shoes.


  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Fits one pair of shoes
  • $40.00
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     Anonymous : 

    I've been riding with these cleats for over 10 years now. I'm on my fourth set, and I have a spare set at the ready just in case. With regard to riding comfort, these cleats are great because I can flex my knees in and out and keep them amd my ankles and feet from tightening up on me while I'm cranking out the miles. I put in 70 miles yesterday… no tightness in my knees or ankles whatsoever when I go off the bike after crossing the ride finish line.

    However, I also realize that these cleats were never made to walk in. Given what I do for a living, it wasn’t hard to figure out these cleats are sacrificial if you insist on walking in them without covers. When I finish a ride, as soon as drag my trailing leg off the bike, I take my road shoes off and switch to my street shoes. Walking on asphalt or concrete will kill these cleats in a matter of months. If you insist on walking in these cleats, spring for the covers too!

    6/11/2011 7:38:51 AM

     Anonymous : 

    My Speedplay Zero pedals are great; I would recommend them to anyone. However, the cleats are trash! They have deteriorated over the past few years. Now I break a spring / circlip about once a month. That was not true three years ago. Recently I have been breaking the plastic retainer "bump" that locates the circlip under the metal cover plate. I have made no changes in equipment that would influence the pedal / cleat interface. I think the quality has simply gone down.

    6/10/2011 8:06:52 PM

     Anonymous : 

    i had the same experience. The cleat plate bent from the shim. I hope this isn’t made in China cost savings.

    2/12/2011 5:56:36 PM

     Anonymous : 

    A couple of years ago I would have given these cleats a 4+, but they have deteriorated in quality. I have a forefoot varus on my right side. Because the varus wedge interferes with pedal release, I usually break the circlip-spring in ~4 months. Recently, though, I have been breaking the cover plates on the right cleat in as little as 2 weeks. In three months I have gone through 4 sets of Zero cleats! Are the cleats being produced in China these days? The pedals (that I bought from Excel) are still great; the cleats are not.