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Campagnolo Zonda G3 Black 2-Way-Fit Wheelset

The Zonda 2-way fit wheelset gives Eurus-like performance at a lower price and only slightly heavier 1570 gram weight. The Mega G3 lacing of the rear wheel looks great and increases wheel strength putting of your pedaling energy into forward momentum. It also has proven to be very durable. The 26mm front rim and 30mm rear rim profile give a bit of an aerodynamic boost while minimizing the effect of crosswinds.

The Campagnolo Zonda 2-Way Fit wheelset allows the use of tubeless or clincher tires. Tubeless tires offer several advantages. First, the risk of pinch flats is reduced and most flat are eliminated if you use sealant. Tubeless tires provide a smoother and more comfortable ride quality. They also adhere nicely to the road surface and are very solid in the corners. Tubeless tires reduce friction and have shown a longer roll out in tests. Riders preferring a standard tire and tube can use that option just by unthreading the valve.

The advanced rim design of the Zonda allows the wheels to be light, strong, and smooth. The rims have a welded joint and a machined braking surface. The rim are also dynamically balanced with the weight of the rim joint being offset. This creates a unique high-speed stability. Toroidal milling removes excess material from areas where it is not required reducing weight and providing better acceleration.


  • 1570 grams
  • Skewers included
  • Front wheel 16 spokes radially laced
  • Rear wheel 21 spokes with G3 lacing
  • Stainless steel aero spokes
  • Welded joint and machined braking surface
  • Campagnolo 9, 10, and 11-speed compatible
  • 2-way fit - both tubeless and clincher compatible
  • 26mm profile front rim and 30mm profile rear rim
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