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Campagnolo Zonda Wheelset

Most of the features of the Eurus at a more affordable price. The weight of the Zonda wheels has been reduced down to a very light 1555 grams per pair which is full 90 grams less than in the previous version. The Zonda wheels feature strong and attractive G3 lacing on the rear wheel and radial lacing on the front. The Zonda wheels are compatible with Campagnolo 11, 10 and 9 speed and are a perfect match for any Campagnolo equipped bike.

The 26mm front rim and 30mm rear rim profile give a bit of an aerodynamic boost while minimizing the affect of crosswinds. The rims have a welded joint and a machined braking surface. The rim are also dynamically balanced with the weight of the rim joint being offset. This creates a unique high-speed stability.


  • Skewers included
  • Front wheel 670 grams rear wheel 885 grams
  • Milled section opposite rim joint balances rim during rotation
  • Aero stainless steel butted spokes radial front and G3 lacing on rear
  • Oversize flange on rear hub right side for stiffness
  • Compatible with Campagnolo 11,10 and 9 speed cassettes

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    Posted on 4/2/2012

    I have been riding these wheel for a month and have about 500 miles on them. I am very happy with their performance and looks. As a mechanical engineer, I am very impressed with the G3 lacing on the rear wheel to produce a very strong wheel with equal spoke tension. My 140 pounds does not induce any wheel flex. The advertised weight of 1555 grams is right on. The wheels were within 0.10mm total run out when I received them and are still with in 0.10mm run out.