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Assos armProtectors


The armProtecters from Assos serve two purposes. One is a thin arm warmer for slightly brisk days when you need minimal coverage on your arms. The second purpose is usage as a layer under long sleeve garments during the other 3 seasons. It is the latter reason we carry them during the winter months. Simply slip them on under a long sleeve jersey or jacket and it can bring comfort in next lower temperature zone.

The material is UV protected and is very elastic. They will not sag or bunch when used underneath another article of clothing - very important feature for layering. Choose from Size I or Size II, which roughly equates to small/medium and large.

See where this garment fits into the synergistic Assos Layering System.


  • Excellent layering piece
  • UV protection
  • Light and thin
  • Super elastic
Reg Price $49.00
Item #: 890493