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Assos armWarmers S7


The armWarmers S7 replace the long standing armRubi in the Assos line up. From the offset, it looks and works like a standard arm warmer. Behind the simple looks, it is somewhat of a complex piece. They are made of two different textiles, four patterns and five components. Each have different tasks working together to be the ultimate arm warmer.

The four anatomically cut patterns allow the fit to be spot on when riding. There is no bunching at the elbows or sagging at the seams. Ergonomically speaking, there is no current comparison on the market. Two different fabrics are using in the body of the warmer. The outside panels feature 3D RXQ fleecing that is wind resistant and super warm. The inside panels have a thinner RX micro fleece. Put the two together and you have a nice balance between warm and thin. Both RXQ and RX wick moisture extremely well.

Like all Assos products, they are built to be the best and last for many seasons when cared for properly. The goal is to be the best, not the cheapest. When you consider what you are getting in comparison to other brands for the money in terms of quality materials and quality design, you may actually find that Assos is a great value and a solid investment.

See where this garment fits into the synergistic Assos Layering System.


  • 3D knit RXQ outer fabric
  • RX semi fleece inner fabric
  • 4 anatomic panels
  • Excellent wicking capacity
  • Small Assos button logon on inside cuff
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