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Butter b1 Chain Keeper

From the brain trust at Butter Studios comes the b1 Chain Keeper. We're probably stating the obvious here, but any good tool worth it's salt needs to have a functional design and good durability to stand up to shop use and abuse. The b1 delivers on both and beyond. Add beautiful CNC machining with an anodized and polished finish to elevate the b1 to become the crown jewel of your tool box. They're made in small batches right here in Colorado to ensure precision and perfect quality.

The function of the b1 is dead simple. After removal of your rear wheel, simply hook the chain onto the Delrin sleeve and slide in the b1 into the dropout, then spin the round dial clockwise to secure. Machined knurls on both sides of the tool add grip. This clever and industrial grade tool is perfectly at home in any serious home mechanics tool box or professional shop. As with most tools, you get what you pay for, so take care of it and it will last forever.

Rarely do we use superlatives when writing product copy, but the b1 is simply the best chain keeper ever produced.


  • Full CNC alloy construction with anodized finish
  • Simple and effective design
  • Superb quality and finish
  • Bombproof durability for lifetime use
  • A must for any serious mechanic or shop
  • Made in Colorado
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 Anonymous : 

I had been using a cheap plastic contraption to do the same as the butter b1 tool for years. When I first saw the b1 I thought that it was overpriced and a waste of good money. I finally ordered one, thinking that I could return it after I had tried it. No way! This tool is absolutely beautifully made and is a pleasure to work with. It is solid, well made and should outlast me, so now I have to worry who I will bequest it to... Christmas is approaching and your "bike nerd" will truly value this as one of the best present he/she ever received. I am not kidding; it is this good!

Pros: Solidly made, functional.

Cons: Appears expensive until one tries it


 Anonymous : 

Fantastic product. Thought it was expensive when I first bought it. Now I own two. Incredibly useful in my shop!


 Anonymous : 

Seriously, the best purchase I have made in a while. Cleaning my bike was a breeze, plus I use it when ever my rear wheel is off to keep the chain from dangling around. Next week I'll be traveling with my road bike and planning on using this on the bike, when I pack it.

Pros: cool product, useful

Cons: none


 Anonymous : 

This tool might look indulgent at first glance but it is a superbly crafted piece that does the job perfectly. Over the years I've used homemade versions built from an old axle and a pulley, and I've also used the Pedros plastic chain holder. The Butter absolutely crushes them, it is easy to install, rolls super smoothly and is easy on the dropout faces.

Pros: Everything

Cons: Expensive, but worth it.