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Assos fuguBootie S7


The Assos fuguBootie S7 reins supreme in the realm of all winter booties. There is nothing that compares in quality, materials, design or price point.

At the core of the product you get a semi-dense and form fitting neoprene body with minimal seams. Less seams means less heat loss and more durability. The neoprene patterns are anatomically cut like all Assos garments, so the bootie feels less like a shoe cover or bootie and more like an extension of your foot. The toe area receives Assos's proprietary strataGon water-repellant and airBlock fabric. Interestingly enough, the strataGon blocks air and water, but breathes incredibly well. It is the perfect choice for toe zone of the bootie. Both the toe and heel zones get added protective fabrics to aid against abrasion when riding and walking. The handy side zip makes it easy to install and remove the fuguBooties. The top of the cuff has a semi-sticky silicone band to keep the bootie propped up on your leg and also prevent chilled air from entering. Pre-cut heel and cleat areas are double stitched and hemmed so they will not rip or fail after a few seasons of use. These are common areas of failure with other bootie designs.

This simple, elegant and functional product will keep your feet warm and dry in the most adverse conditions. With proper care they will bring you many, many seasons of cycling joy. Choose your size.

See where this garment fits into the synergistic Assos Layering System


  • Neoprene body with anatomic panels
  • StrataGon toe zone
  • Side zipper with Silicone cuff
  • Reinforced heel and toe
  • Beautiful black on black graphics


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