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Assos fuguCap S7


The ultimate in under-helmet wear. The fuguCap S7 cap features 5 different materials working in unison to provide wind proofing and breathability in a lightweight and thin package.

The front of the lid has strataGon airBlock material to repel the cold frontal air The rest of the cap focuses on breathability - normally an issue with under-helmet caps. Ends of the garment have a stitched protective band for comfort and durability. Small reflective band on the front top and small loops for hang drying round out the package.


  • Airblock protection
  • Dry hang loops
  • Breathable
  • High quality piece

  • $69.00


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    Posted on 1/11/2014

    These are great for winter riding--warm enough but not so heavy that it's a chore to get it under the helmet. I just wanted to note that while the little loops would work for hang drying, they're actually intended for holding the tips of your glasses in place, which works pretty well . . . . cool little Assos detail

    Pros Typical Assos quality

    Cons Typical Assos price