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Clothing    Gloves - Long Finger - Men

Assos fuguGloves


When it gets cold, wet windy and nasty out and you want to ride, the fuguGloves make an excellent riding partner. The Fugu design uses a 3 prong attack against the elements. RX fleece for insulation value, proprietary strataGon airBlock fabric and a tough and resistant outer fabric for garment longevity. Other salient features include a textured and padded palm and textured fingers for added grip to the bars and brake/shift levers. Longish cuffs have a side zip to help tuck jerseys/base layers under and into the glove and an elastic band on the back of the wrist to keep the chilled air out of the interior of the glove.

The Fugu gloves have are available in black and have a black Assos logo for a classy low-profile look. Added a thin liner under the glove to help it perform in even colder conditions. Select your size.

See where this garment fits into the synergistic Assos Layering System


  • RX fleece interior
  • strataGon airBlock fabric
  • Textured palm and fingers
  • Zippered side
  • Black with black graphics
Item #: 861062