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Assos fuguJack Jacket


The Assos fuguJak is the ultimate jacket for the most extreme conditions you will ride in. Believe it or not the range of the fuguJak goes from approx 40-45 degrees down to 20 degrees or so. We have found it to keep you comfortable in conditions colder than that. Put it this way, by the time your body gets cold where the Fugu is protecting it, your fingers and toes would already be frozen. Now it is one thing to make a warm jacket, but because it is being used for cycling, it still has to breathe. That's where the magic of the Fugu starts to happen. Special venting and perforations allow for body heat to be vented out while not letting cold air in. This airflow system is an Assos specific design which makes winter jackets from Assos functional garments.

The interior of the jacket is lined with Roubaix RX fleece and includes a folding fleece neck gaiter that can be opened up and converted to a full-on balaclava. Many different airBlock 851 anatomic panels are sewn together to create a form fitting piece that has very little excess material.

Something we find fascinating about the Fugu is the overall volume and weight, or should we say lack of. For a jacket that is meant to be worn in very cold conditions, it has very little heft. Meaning, it feels like it has the weight of a far lighter piece. It also has plenty of mobility and does not inhibit movement or flexibility. Assos did their homework on this garment. The quality build on the fuguJak means it should last you many seasons with proper care.

See where this garment fits into the synergistic Assos Layering System


  • Integrated Roubaix fleece gator/balaclava
  • AirBlock panels
  • Tall anti fold collar
  • Supreme winter jacket
  • Well vented for heat dissipation
Reg Price $649.00


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