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Assos hK.434 S5 Lady Knickers

The 434 knickers were designed for those days when there is a nip in the air and it is too cold shorts, yet too warm for full tights. Smart design with a perfect women's specific anatomic cut, make these a perennial favorite amongst women when the mercury starts to drop.

The body of the knicker is constructed from sheer 434 lycra. This fabric offers ample muscle compression and comfort in a low volume and lightweight package. The sculpted knee panel has added RXQ waffled fleece for some added insulation to the extended knee region. All panels are anatomically cut to Assos's AEPD patterns, so the fit while riding is like a second skin. The FI.Mille S5 insert that is supplied with the 434's is slightly thicker than other Assos inserts. It will off a little bit more warmth and insulation and features a waffled, golf ball-like texture that promotes airflow and perspiration dissipation. The insert is elastic, meaning it will literally stretch to your body.

The 434 are seemingly the perfect choice for most moderate fall and spring days. Buy them once, use them many times.


  • Low volume 434 lycra garment
  • RXQ fleece knee panels
  • Comfortable waist band
  • AEPD women's anatomical cut
  • FI.Mille S5 insert
  • Flat stitched seams
  • Fall and spring wardrobe staple

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