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Assos hK.607 Lady S5 Knickers


Grasping an understanding of the Assos product line is all about familiarizing yourself with their naming conventions. In this case the hK stands for half knickers, which is basically a knicker. The 607 refers the weight of the proprietary spandex that Assos uses. Lastly, S5 is the chamois - the outstanding FI Mille S5 pad. All that being said the 607 knickers are designed and perfectly suited for Spring, Fall & early Winter riding. This would be somewhere in the 40-60 degree range.

The now-popular-with-women's-shorts and tights, sash style waist band is nothing new to Assos - they invented it. It offers perfect pressure distribution and comfort while conforming to a women's waist. Multiple panels are used all cut to a women's specific fit to function perfectly while cycling. Different materials are stitched together with strategic placement so you have thermal material where you need warmth and elastic material where there is a lot of dynamic action while cycling. Combine the fit with the top selection in fabrics and you get one of the best designs in women's cycling pieces to date.

See where this garment fits into the synergistic Assos Layering System


  • Assos Campionissimo anatomic fit
  • ASSOS RXQ(Roubaix) insulator fabric on main/side panels
  • Top of the line S5 chamois
  • Soft, flat stitched stirrups
  • $161.40
    Reg Price $269.00


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