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Assos iJ.bonkaMille Jacket


The iJ.Bonka.Mille jacket is simply a fantastic piece for colder days. Colder days meaning, in the lower 30's to upper 40's. You can layer underneath accordingly for thecolder days or wear the Bonka with nothing at all, jersey style, for days that are at the warmer end of this spectrum. The Bonka design uses many different anatomic panels that are made of many different fabrics and textiles. Each fabric strategically placed and each with a specific function..

The front of the Bonka has Assos's strataGon Ultra which is a multi-stretch fabric that is both wind and waterproof. The micro pores in the fabric open up when body temperature rises to allow the heat buildup to escape and close up when temperature gets colder. Consider strataGon the gatekeeper for regulating your body temperature and keeping perspiration to a minimum. RX and RXQ fleeces are used in the different panels. The RX is primarily used in non-dynamic areas in the garment (like the chest) while latter is used in more dynamic areas were thinner and more stretch material is needed, such as the arms and sides of the jacket. Since these 3 primary materials are used throughout the jacket and they all have stretch characteristics, the overall feel of the jacket is one that has some elasticity to it in all areas and every direction. This makes for an outstanding action garment and much added comfort. The jacket receives the Mille cut. This is a comfort fit which we prefer in jackets regardless of what style of riding you are doing. A more generous and relieved fit is always welcomed in a cold weather garment.

Other salient features of the Bonka include a thin fleece neck gaiter that can be used on colder days or stowed if not in use. The marsupial-like jacket has 5 pockets. 3 large storage pockets on the lower back of the jacket with 2 zippered security pockets attached to the two outside storage pockets. Each zip security pocket has ports for headphones of other electronic accessories.

See where this garment fits into the synergistic Assos Layering System


  • StrataGonUltra stretch wind/waterproof fabric
  • Thin fleece tuck-away neck gaiter
  • RX stretch/RXQ channeled fleece
  • AEPD anatomic cut with relaxed Mille fit
  • Choose from white or black
Item #: 870721
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