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Assos iJ.haBu Jacket

The Habu is a sharp looking garment, with several different materials on different patterns with different textures. The blending of all of these patterns and materials give the iJ.haBu a unique and tactile feel that oozes of style and class. Technically, it is astounding due to its versatility. We find that it is a good choice for the sweet spot of winter cycling: low 40's to mid 60's temperatures. Perhaps what is most intriguing about the jacket is its weight, or lack thereof. Assos has managed to offer a piece that is comfortable in this temperature range and keep it on the thin side in terms of material. By selecting a clever choice of in-house designed fabrics and materials, there simply is no bulk. Or as Assos succinctly states it, more performance, less fabric volume.

A majority of the jacket has RXQ material, which is essentially a compressed/waffled wicking fleece. It is warm and super soft against your skin. RXQ is nearly impossible to beat for warmth vs. volume of material used. Thermal material is not enough to complete a proper winter jacket, so the entire front and arms of the jacket have Assos stratagonLight for wind-proofing and cold air mitigation. Unlike most wind-proofing fabrics, stratagonLight is actually elastic and has all way stretch characteristics which makes for a snug but comfortable fit. Add these two features together and that is when the magic happens. The interior sports finely woven mesh micro fibers that enhance wicking and moisture movement. Storage is taken care of by 3 rear pockets. Two zippered with an open pouch sandwiched in between. For all of those riders who cannot be without music or a form of communication, a handy iPhone sleeve pouch was included.


  • Stretch stratagonLight windproofing
  • RXQ waffled micro fleece insulation
  • Weight of a jersey
  • Wide temperature range
  • Superb quality
  • 2 zipper and on pouch storage pockets
  • iPhone pouch
  • Tall collar


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