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Assos kneeWamers S7


Back in the day, a knee warmer was nothing more than a tapered tube of lycra that may or may not have had a fleece lining. Regardless, this design sags and bunches up and although it is functional, it is not exactly ideal. Leave it to Assos to bump it up several levels and bring a world class design to the market. The kneeWarmer S7 features two distinct features that make is a top choice in a knee warmer: anatomic fit and mule-material use for optimizing comfort and warmth.

Assos calls the anatomic fit the cut design solution and it works like a charm. It requires three unique patterns stitched together that makes the fit feel like a true extension of your skin. No more bunching at the knees! The 3/4 cut is longer than previous designs so it will cover more of the leg. Similar to the armWarmer S7, these knee warmers use a blend of RXQ and RX materials in the different panels. RXQ in the front for wind resistance and added warmth from a slightly thicker fleece and the thinner RX micro fleece in the side and back panels.

The quality of design, materials and price separate the Assos kneeWarmer S7 from other available designs. If you are looking for the best here it is.

See where this garment fits into the synergistic Assos Layering System.


  • 3D knit RXQ outer fabric
  • RX semi fleece inner fabric
  • 4 anatomic panels
  • Excellent wicking capacity
  • Small Assos button logon on lower front center
  • $79.00
    Item #: 890516
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