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Assos legWarmers S7

Assos saw the hole in the market for a well-designed leg warmer and filled it with the legWarmer S7. Never before has so much effort been put into this particular article of clothing.

There is much more to the well done tactile look and feel to the legWarmer. It is chock full of design features and materials that when combined, brings you a superb garment. Just like the arm and knee warmers, there is a focus on anatomics. Several patterns are crafted together in varied shapes to make the warmers feel like a second skin. There is no bunching or gathering of material when riding. The upper rear panel is extended for additional warmth.

RXQ wind resistant fleece is used in the front of the leg warmer with a doubling up of material at the knee. Thinner RX micro fleece is used in the rear of the warmer for more flexibility and breathability. Put all of these materials and design features together and you end up with the best 3 season leg warmer available today. The leg warmers are made to last plenty of seasons if proper care.

See where this garment fits into the synergistic Assos Layering System.


  • 3D knit RXQ outer fabric
  • RX semi fleece inner fabric
  • 4 anatomic panels
  • Excellent wicking capacity
  • Small Assos button logon on inside cuff
  • $83.30
    Reg Price $119.00


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