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Assos suisseOlympiakos Socks


Beautifully understated style on the style on the suisseOlympiakos Socks design. They feature a clear homage to the Suisse cycling federation however done in such a low key manner that the socks blend with just about any piece of cycling attire. The front of the sock features the familiar Assos stripe while the rear cuff has the popular Swiss Cross with a red circle with a thin gold stroke.

The construction of the sock is the similar to Assos's summerSocks and features the contemporary 12cm cuff height. The body of the sock is composed of two styles of fabric. The bottom is a thin poly material for comfort and durability while the top is the infamous Assos Skinweb weave for ventilation, The cuff is ribbed for both compression and circulation. The top of the cuff is folded for added elastic capacity and flat stitched. The toe box is reinforced for longer wear times.


  • 12cm ribbed cuff
  • Reinforced toe box and heel
  • Limited edition Suisse Olympic design
  • Double stitched top cuff
  • Choose size
Item #: 851001