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Assos summerCap.1


Clever design with the sumerCap.1 makes it the best basic cycling cap offered to date. Assos took a standard cotton cap and added an ultra-thin, Roubaix-like material to prevent sweat and perspiration form dripping down to your face and neck. In short, you have a low profile headband sewn into a basic cycling cap.

There are many reasons to wear a cycling cap. UV protection, sweat mitigation, cool euro looks and many more. The summerCap.1 with integrated headband makes it just that much better. Graphics are the familiar and uniquely Assos Mille style down the center. One size fits all, but you can choose between all white of white with black center. Cold wash, hang dry to prevent shrinkage.


  • Integrated headband
  • Cotton body
  • Mille pattern design
  • Choose color option
  • One size fits all


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